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We have served leading technology and B2B companies globally who want a deeper level of relationship and operational efficiency in order to realize new customer acquisition capabilities. We have pioneered in offering prospect data and intelligence, event participation management, lead generation, lead qualification, lead nurturing, and marketing automation support to companies desiring enhanced lead management capabilities.

We sport a team of proficient, experienced and skilled resources who have demonstrated capabilities for demand generation across industry verticals. Our people come from a diverse background with experience of operating in the North American, European, Australian, South African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian markets. We house experienced consultants and domain experts, techno-functional experts, web researchers, telemarketing executives, web admins, and marketing automation/CRM tool experts. Our team is highly capable to generate innovative lead management programs and see through its execution successfully.

Section No. 1

Contact Verification

Data deteriorates at 2% per month, and above-average employee turnover rates we are seeing now don’t help. It can be an absolute chore to keep up with your contacts. Blink! And that lead you’ve been nurturing at your hottest account is gone–and you didn’t even notice.

Our Data Contact Verification solves exactly that problem. We will tell you which of your B2B customer contacts are still accurate and which have long since jumped ship.

Our B2B contact verification process consists of isolating duplicate contacts, classifying contacts as stale or out-of-date, and identifying incomplete customer account information. We make sure the right person is at the other end of the line.

Section No. 2

CRM Appends & Cleanse

On top of our comprehensive analysis of your CRM’s health at any given point, we’ll also dot your I’s and cross your T’s.

Our CRM Appends & Cleanse service ensures that all of your data is accurate and consistent across all sources. We employ data quality tools to implement and carry out a thorough data cleansing process, which then enables us to merge duplicates, fill in the blanks, and standardize your contact information.

The confidence you’ll have in your CRM will definitely leave an impression upon your customers and give them the meaningful, personal interactions that will make them believers.

Section No. 3

Data Maintenance

The best of both worlds! Need to know how accurate and complete your data is? And then need help fixing your problem areas? We have the answer. From Data Analysis To Complete Data Quality Management! Let Machteq analyze your data quality requirements and build a customized scrubbing program.

Our Data Maintenance programs keep your B2B customer databases constantly clean. As a full data service provider, we are uniquely able to combine our data quality solutions with any of our other offerings to keep your CRM squeaky clean.

What we provide is a data quality solution which offers data verification, data management, and data monitoring, all at the same time.

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